1. User Accounts and Access to the Services.

    When you download the Application to your mobile device, Wapii will create an account associated with the device (the “Account” or the “Wapii Account”). Once you download the Application, Wapii will collect and use your information, including metadata (as described below), in accordance with this Privacy Policy. you download the Application to your mobile device, Wapii will create an account associated with the device (the “Account” or the “Wapii Account”). Once you download the Application, Wapii will collect and use your information, including metadata (as described below), in accordance with this Privacy Policy. will not allow you to use the Application without first having set up a personal account. If there is a personal account, the application:

    • It will link all of your information to your Account and that username, including information it receives from all mobile devices running the Application on which you are logged in with your username and password;
    • Wapii may establish and periodically request additional or different means of identification and authentication to log in and access the Services, or to use certain functions or sections of the Services.
    • You are fully responsible for your login details, as well as any use or misuse of your Account and your personal information as a result of providing your login details to a third party. You must keep your login details confidential and not provide them to third parties. Change your password often, or at least every six months.

  2. Information collected by Wapii.

    We want to inform you of the type of data we collect when you use our services

    Wapii collects data to provide the best services to all users: from determining information such as the best route, to performing more complex tasks, such as monitoring traffic so you know the best time to go out or showing you relevant ads while you use Wapii. The type of information Wapii collects and how it uses it depends on your use of the Services and how you manage privacy controls.

    Information you create or provide to us:

    • Account information. Information that Wapii requests from you when configuring the username. Please note that if you provide false, incorrect or outdated information, Wapii's ability to provide you with the Services and contact you if necessary may be affected. Wapii will explicitly indicate the fields that must be filled out. If you do not enter the requested information in these fields, you may not be able to set up a username (although you will still be able to use the Services, as explained in the “User Accounts and Access to the Services” section above).
    • Information you share with Wapii. Data you want to share with Wapii, such as: your username; the reports associated with this username; Telephone numbers; locations of home, work or other favorite places; destinations you can go to; search queries; calendar information (if you activate and use certain features of the Service, such as check-out reminders) and files that you have uploaded to the Service, including voice and audio files, if applicable. For paid services, you can also add payment details to your Account, if applicable. Even if you are not logged into a Wapii Account, you can provide us with information such as an email address to receive updates about our services.
    • Information from the social networks that you use and that you have linked to your Wapii Account. You can link your Wapii Account with your social media accounts. In that case, you have the option to share information from those social media accounts, such as your Facebook profile photo or other personal information, with Wapii or other users.
    • Information related to the use of Wapii and/or Google Maps and transit routes.

    You may also provide us with additional information so that we can personalize the Services and improve your experience. For example, if you provide us with information about your home and work, we may be able to tell you the route that we consider most ideal to travel between these two locations.

    Information we collect when you use our services:

    We collect information about your activity on the Wapii Services, which we use to provide you with those Services and to provide you with features that allow us to personalize your experience. Below, we report information we collect:

    • Most searched parking spaces, most visited places, length of stay, stays, rentals and payments.
    • Your voice and audio information when you use the voice and audio features;
    • Your activity on third-party websites and applications that you have linked to your Wapii Account or with which you have interacted through the Services.

    Metadatos (datos de uso de tu dispositivo, navegador y Aplicación):

    When you download the Application, Wapii collects information about your use of the Services and information about the device on which you have downloaded Wapii. For example:

    • Wapii may collect and record how often and for how long you use the Application; what type of device you have; your unique identifiers; the type and version of the operating system; battery usage; the third-party websites or applications that you visit or use, or with which you interact through the Application; the information you have consulted on our Services; the ads it shows you, the ones you see or click on; the Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name with which you access the Services; and the geographic location of the device you use to log in to Wapii and use the Application or the Website.
    • It may also collect information about applications you have downloaded to your device that may be linked to Wapii.
    • It also collects information about your devices' interaction with the Services, including crash reports, system activity, and the date, time, and referring URL of your requests.

  3. Why does Wapii collect this data?

    We may use the personal information that we collect or that you provide to us for the following purposes:

    Provide our services

    We use your information to provide our services. For example:

    • We use your location and route data or your search query history to provide you with parking search and reservation services.

    Maintain and improve our services:

    • We also use your information to ensure that our services are working properly, such as tracking network outages or troubleshooting problems you report to us. We also use your information to improve the Services, or to develop new features or services. For example, we may use your routing information to improve the accuracy of maps and navigation data.

    Offer personalized services, including content and ads:

    • We use the information we collect to provide you with the Services and to personalize your experience. For example, we may use your “home,” “work,” and other “favorite” information (if you provide it to us), as well as your route history, to offer you routes based on your previous trips between favorite destinations. We may also use your previous activity on the Services to suggest destinations that you usually go to with the Application.
    • We may also use the information to provide you with assistance, and manage requests and complaints.

    Measure performance:

    • We use data in analytics and measurement tools to understand how our services are used. For example, we analyze your usage data for the Services to optimize product design. We also use data about the ads you see or interact with (e.g. by clicking) to help advertisers understand the performance of their advertising campaigns and provide them with aggregated reporting. Additionally, we may use the data to measure the usability and effectiveness of our own marketing efforts on third-party websites or platforms.

    Communicate with you

    • We also use your data to send you news, notices, notifications and additional information related to the Services.
    • , we may use your information to conduct surveys and questionnaires; and if you contact us, we will keep a record of your request to help you resolve any issues you may have.
    • We may also use the email address you have provided to us (with your prior consent and within the limits of applicable law) to send you promotional or marketing material. If you prefer not to receive such material, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the appropriate link in the emails we send you. In any case, we will not share your contact information with any advertiser, unless required or explicitly permitted by law.

    For legal reasons and to protect Wapii, our users and the general public

    We may also use and process your information and content through different technologies for the following purposes:

    • Ensure compliance with the Conditions of Use or the Privacy Policy.
    • Contact you when we deem it necessary.
    • Comply with applicable laws and assist public law enforcement agencies under any applicable law when we believe in good faith that cooperating with these agencies is our legal mission or meets applicable legal standards and procedures.
    • Detect abuse and illegal activity; detect and prevent fraud, misappropriation and non-compliance, and identify theft and other illegal activities and inappropriate uses of the Services.
    • Manage breakdowns and malfunctions.
    • Take any action in the event of a dispute or legal proceeding of any kind between the user and the Services, or between the user and other users or third parties in relation to the Services.
    • Comply with the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy and in the Conditions of Use.
    • Help improve the security and reliability of our Services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to security risks and technical issues that may harm Wapii, our users, or the general public.

    We will ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that is not included in this Privacy Policy.

    When Wapii shares your personal information

    Wapii does not share your personal information with third parties without your permission, unless it believes in good faith that it is necessary for the purposes indicated below:

    • When necessary for the provision and operation of the Services.
    • In the event that Wapii reasonably believes that you have breached the Terms of Use (or is investigating a possible breach thereof), or that you have abused its rights to use the Services or have taken any act or omission that it reasonably believes to be in breach of any applicable law, rule or regulation. In such cases, Wapii may share your information with public law enforcement agencies and other competent authorities, as well as with any third party if this is necessary to repair any damage arising from your violation.
    • If Wapii is required by law to share or disclose your information, or if Wapii reasonably believes that this is a legal requirement.
    • In the event of a dispute or legal proceeding of any kind between the user and Wapii, or between the user and other users in relation to the Services.
    • Whenever Wapii considers it reasonably necessary to share the information to protect Wapii, its users and the general public from harm to their rights and property, or to their safety, to the extent required or permitted by law. This includes the prevention of imminent harm, whether physical or material.
    • To detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud and technical or security issues.
    • In the event that Wapii organizes the operation of the Services in a different legal framework, or through another legal structure or entity; or if there is an acquisition, absorption or merger of Wapii by another entity; or if Wapii files for bankruptcy (provided that these entities agree to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, taking into account any changes that may apply to it).
    • To collect, store, retain and manage your personal information through cloud or hosting services, or through a third party or party affiliated or related to Wapii (as reasonable for business purposes), whether located in the European Union, in the United States or in countries outside your jurisdiction.
    • Wapii may also share your personal information with companies or organizations related to or affiliated with Wapii, such as subsidiaries, associated companies and parent companies.
    • Wapii may also share your personal information with its trusted service providers and partners to process it on its behalf in accordance with the instructions you provide to them, and in accordance with this policy and other applicable security and confidentiality measures. For example, you use service providers to offer your customer service.

  4. Integration into other third-party services.

    Wapii may offer you the ability to link the Application with third-party services that may be useful to you, such as Wapii. When Wapii detects that an integration may occur (because a third-party service is trying to link with Wapii, Wapii detects that the device has a service installed with an integration option, or the user requests a specific integration), it asks for confirmation to link the accounts. If you decide to link them, Wapii will ask your permission to share data with the third-party service. You should only agree to linking your accounts if you don't mind the service receiving the data configured when you linked your accounts. Wapii is not responsible for the use of data made by this service. You can unlink your accounts from Wapii and the third-party service at any time, in which case Wapii will stop sharing data with the service.

  5. Control your personal information

    In Account and login you can consult and modify certain data (such as your telephone number or email address).

    If you believe that the information associated with your Account is incorrect, incomplete or obsolete, please make the appropriate corrections. If the information is false, incorrect or outdated, you may not be able to set up a username and Wapii may not be able to provide the Services to you.

    Delete your information

    If you want Wapii to delete your Account, you must use the “close assignment” “uninstall” or “Delete Vehicle” function available in the Application. Upon receipt of this request, Wapii will take such steps as it deems reasonable to delete such information. However, it may not be immediately removed from your security systems. Likewise, if you want to delete all historical information, you must send an email indicating the above to “contacto@wapii.com”

    Wapii's goal is to start the deletion process as soon as it receives your request. From that moment on, your data can no longer be used to personalize your Wapii experience. This will then initiate a process designed to securely and completely remove data from Wapii storage systems. This process usually lasts approximately two months from the moment the information is deleted.

    As with all deletion processes, aspects such as routine maintenance, unexpected power outages, errors or protocol failures may cause delays in the processes and periods defined in this Privacy Policy. Wapii systems are designed to detect and solve these problems.

  6. How Wapii retains the data it collects.

    Some data you can delete at any time, while other data is automatically deleted or retained for longer periods of time, if necessary. This section describes why Wapii retains different types of data for different periods of time.

    • Information that Wapii retains until you delete it. This can be your favorites, home or work data, your email address and other account-related data. This data is kept in your Wapii Account until you delete or modify it.
    • Data that expires after a specific period of time. In some cases, you do not need to delete your information as Wapii sets retention periods based on the reason for collecting the data. For example, if you link your calendar to your Wapii Account, Wapii extracts the events it contains several days before they occur and deletes them once they have occurred. Wapii may also take steps to anonymize some data for specific periods of time.
    • Information that is retained until your Wapii Account is deleted. Wapii may retain some data for as long as your Wapii Account is active.
    • Information that is retained for long periods of time for specific purposes. Sometimes legal and business requirements require Wapii to retain certain information for specific purposes for an extended period of time. For example, when Wapii processes a payment on your behalf, it retains this data longer than necessary for accounting and tax purposes. These are some of the reasons why some data may be retained for long periods of time:
      • Ensure security, and prevent fraud and abuse.
      • Keep financial records.
      • Comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
      • Guarantee the continuity of the Services.
      • Send communications with Wapii.
  7. How Wapii uses aggregated information.

    Wapii may use anonymous, statistical or aggregate information (including anonymous location data, vehicle make and color), so that it is impossible to identify users, to provide the Services correctly, improve their quality, optimize your experience, create services and functions (including personalized services), modify or cancel content or services, and for other internal, commercial and statistical purposes (such as advertising).

    Wapii may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregate information collected on the Services (and in a manner that makes it impossible to identify users) by posting, disclosing, transmitting, or otherwise communicating this information or making it available to users of the Services. Services, its suppliers and partners, and any other third party. For example, it may provide GPS information it receives from your mobile device to map publishers in aggregated or anonymous form to help them improve maps and resolve issues; can provide traffic data to cities; and may provide aggregated ad analytics to advertisers.

  8. Cookies.

    Wapii may use cookies and similar technologies on the Services. Cookies are packets of information that the Website's servers send to your web browser and that the browser returns each time it accesses the Website's servers.

    Wapii may use cookies for different purposes, such as: preventing you from having to re-enter your username and password each time you log in, facilitating the use of the Website, collecting statistical data, verifying information, personalizing the Website according to your personal preferences and protect your information.

    Some cookies expire when the session ends and you exit the browser. Others are saved on your computer's hard drive. If you want to block cookies from the Website, use the help button on your browser and follow the necessary instructions. However, if you disable cookies, you may find it difficult, or even impossible, to use the Website or some of its features.

  9. Advertising campaigns.

    Wapii allows advertisers to run advertising campaigns on the Services.

    The information and ads you see when accessing the Services may be segmented based on your activity on Wapii, such as your current location, your destination or contextual information based on the driving session you have started.

    Please note the following:

    • Wapii does not intentionally collect or show you personalized ads based on sensitive categories, such as race, religion, sexual orientation or health.
    • Wapii does not share personally identifiable information (such as your name or email address) with advertisers unless you request it.
    • As described above in the section "When Wapii shares your personal information," Wapii collaborates with other Google services (such as Google Doubleclick Bid Manager) for advertising and measurement purposes. To assist advertisers in deciding which ads to display on Wapii, Google, and on websites and apps associated with Google, Wapii may share information with these services, such as unique advertising identifiers (Android mobile device advertising IDs or similar technologies).
    • The Ad Personalization control described above applies to personalized ads displayed by Wapii on its platform and not to ads displayed on third-party platforms, even on behalf of Wapii, such as Wapii.
    • When you visit a third-party website from the Application, this site may use cookies on your computer. This use of cookies is subject to the third party's privacy policies and not this Privacy Policy. If you want to know the privacy policies of the third party, consult their services or contact them directly.

    Wapii is not responsible for the content of such advertisements or the products they offer or the services provided by third parties through them. You irrevocably and unconditionally accept our exemption from liability for any loss, damage, costs or expenses that you may suffer or incur as a result of, or in connection with, this activity.

  10. Information Security.

    Information security is one of Wapii's top priorities. Wapii's services include powerful security features that constantly protect your information. Wapii implements systems, applications, and procedures to safeguard your personal information and minimize the risk of theft, damage, loss of information, and unauthorized access or use related to the information. For example, Wapii reviews its data collection, storage, and processing practices (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized access to its systems. It also restricts access to personal information so that only Wapii employees, contractors, and agents who need such information to process it can access it. Everyone with access to this information is subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be sanctioned or dismissed if they fail to comply.

    Wapii obtains information from maintaining its services that helps it detect and automatically block security threats so that they never affect you.

    However, these measures cannot guarantee absolute protection. Therefore, while Wapii makes a great effort to protect your personal information, it cannot guarantee (and it is not reasonable for you to expect) that its databases are free from breaches, failures, illegal accesses or interceptions, or other types of abuses and inappropriate uses.

  11. Compliance and Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities.

    Wapii periodically reviews this Privacy Policy and ensures that information is handled in accordance with it.

  12. Data Transfers.

    Wapii stores data on servers distributed worldwide. Therefore, your information may be processed on servers located outside your country of residence. Data protection laws vary by country, so some offer more protection than others. Regardless of where the information is processed, the same protection measures described in this policy are implemented.

    When Wapii receives formal written complaints, it contacts the person who made the complaint. It also works with relevant regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any data transfer-related complaints that it has not been able to resolve directly with users.

  13. Changes to this Privacy Policy.

    Wapii may modify this Privacy Policy periodically. Major changes will take effect 30 days after Wapii has published:

  14. A system message to users notifying them of modifications to the Privacy Policy; and
  15. A notification on the homepage or another relevant page of the Website explaining the modifications made to the Privacy Policy, along with a comparison of the new and old versions.
  16. Other changes will take effect 7 days after being published on the Website. However, if Wapii modifies this Privacy Policy to comply with legal requirements, addendums will take effect immediately after being published, or as necessary.

    You accept changes made to the conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use the Services, it means you accept the modified conditions. If you do not agree with any of the modified conditions, you must stop using the Services.

  17. Device Location.

    Wapii accesses your location in the background to send a notification when you are near your destination.

    Wapii accesses your device's location to provide a better service. As a driving application, Wapii will deliver the best route using Google's services, and you can visualize the route to your destination.

    Wapii does not store your device's location data locally or remotely.

    When a reservation is made within the application, Wapii will ask for your origin and destination locations to display your route. When you are en route, Wapii will use your location in the background to send the arrival notification.